Neo Smartpen M1 – Impression


We talked about the Neo Smartpen M1. It’s a pen you can not distinguish from any standard ballpoint pen. It communicates via Bluetooth. You can use it without charging for 6 hours.

The pen transfers all the text, picture, drawing to the mobile device, the mobile phone, the computer, and then digitalise. The pen uses a standard ballpoint pen. You might even produce a cartoon.

You can use the cloud environment. For example, you can transfer your notes, your letters to Evernote. You can forward them directly as an email. You can add an appointment to your calendar. You can keep a list of things to do.

Although it seems necessary to use a special notebook, you can also use the notebooks that you download from company’s website and print it.

Books and pens are also available in our country.

Details are on the below video – in Turkish -. Watch now and share your views, please.

Sinan Oymaci