Our Manifesto

  • Future centric people, technology and life are the main framework of our publishing policy.
  • Raising awareness on the issues we focus on is our primary goal.
  • There’s never been an ad in our focus and it won’t take.
  • We will try to carefully share every content that touches human and future to the reader.
  • We publish in accordance with the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works.
  • We do not aim to draw attention or “click-bait”. We would like to provide high newsworthy and satisfying information
  • Our priority and responsibility have always been our readers and will remains.
  • We give importance to labor and uniqueness in our content.
  • We care about quality, not quantity.
  • Being an accessible platform is a matter we care about. We are always welcome to feedback and criticism to produce better.
  • Each newsletter and event invitation/call is evaluated according to our publication principles.
  • Although we may not participate in the events we are invited to due to our time constraints, we may include the information in our media.
  • The news of the events that we are not invited to are dealt with in the framework we consider appropriate.
  • Our communication principles are fast, ethical, clear and transparent manner.
  • We strive not to create grey areas for our readers and stakeholders.